Appendix A: List of Acronyms

Appendix A: List of Acronyms

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AAR Association of American Railroads

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act

APTA American Public Transportation Association

ASQP Airline Service Quality Performance

ATPI Air Travel Price Index

ATS American Travel Survey


BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis

BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics

BTS Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Btu British thermal unit


CBP U.S. Customs and Border Protection

CFS Commodity Flow Survey

CO carbon monoxide

CO2 carbon dioxide

CPI Consumer Price Index

CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission

CTPP Census Transportation Planning Package


DHS U.S. Department of Homeland Security

DOC U.S. Department of Commerce

DOE U.S. Department of Energy

DOL U.S. Department of Labor

DOT U.S. Department of Transportation

dwt deadweight tons


EIA Energy Information Administration

EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

ESAL equivalent single-axle load


FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FHWA Federal Highway Administration

FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

FRA Federal Railroad Administration

FTA Federal Transit Administration

FY fiscal year


GDP Gross Domestic Product

GHG greenhouse gas

GIS geographic information systems

GPRA Government Performance and Results Act

GVWR gross vehicle weight rating


HMIS Hazardous Materials Information System


ISTEA Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act

ITDS International Trade Data System

ITS intelligent transportation system


JTS Journal of Transportation and Statistics

JTW journey-to-work


LED longitudinal employer dynamics

LEHD longitudinal employer-household dynamics


MARAD Maritime Administration

MFP multifactor productivity

mmtc million metric tons of carbon

mpg miles per gallon

mph miles per hour

MPO metropolitan planning organization

MSA metropolitan statistical area


NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement

NAICS North American Industry Classification System

NEI National Emissions Inventory

NEISS National Electronic Injury Surveillance System

NHTS National Household Travel Survey

NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NO2 nitrogen oxides

NPIAS National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems

NTL National Transportation Library

NTS National Transportation Statistics report

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board


OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OMB Office of Management and Budget

OOS out of service

OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries


PIERS Port Import/Export Reporting Services

PM-2.5 particulate matter of 2.5 microns in diameter or smaller

PM-10 particulate matter of 10 microns in diameter or smaller

pmt passenger-miles of travel


quads quadrillion


ro-ro roll-on, roll-off vessels

rpm revenue passenger-mile

RSPA Research and Special Programs Administration


SCTG Standard Classification of Transported Goods

SE standard error

SLSDC Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corp.

SUV sport utility vehicle


TAZ transportation analysis zone

TEA-21 Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century

TEU 20-foot equivalent container unit

TgCO2Eq teragrams of carbon dioxide equivalent

TLCat Transportation Libraries Catalog

TRB Transportation Research Board

TRIS Transportation Research Information Service

TSAR Transportation Statistics Annual Report

TSI Transportation Services Index

TTI Texas Transportation Institute


USCG U.S. Coast Guard


VIUS Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey

vmt vehicle-miles of travel

VOC volatile organic compounds


WISQARS Web-Based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System


YPLL years of potential life lost