TABLE 4-1 Number of Trucks by Vehicle Weight: 1992 and 1997

TABLE 4-1 Number of Trucks by Vehicle Weight: 1992 and 1997

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Thousands of trucks
1992 1997
Light Trucks (< 6,001 lb) 50,545.7 62,798.4
Medium Trucks (6,001 to 19,500 lb) 5,906.5 6,737.1
Light-Heavy Trucks (19,501 to 26,000 lb) 732.0 729.3
Heavy Trucks (> 26,000 lb) 3,074.5 3,986.9

KEY: lb = pound

NOTES: Weight is the empty weight of the vehicle plus the average vehicle load.

Excludes vehicles owned by federal, state, or local governments; ambulances; buses; motor homes; farm tractors; unpowered trailer units; and trucks reported to have been sold, junked, or wrecked prior to July 1 of the year preceding the survey.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, National Transportation Statistics 2002 (Washington, DC: 2002), table 1-21, also available at, as of April 2003.

The original source of these data is the Census Bureau's Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey (VIUS). The truck categories in National Transportation Statistics 2002 and this report differ from those in VIUS, which has the following categories: light trucks-10,000 lbs or less; medium trucks-10,001 lbs-19,500 lbs; light-heavy trucks: 19,501 lbs-26,000 lbs; and heavy-heavy trucks: 26,001 lbs or more.