TABLE 4-1 Daily Trip-Miles by Mode: 2001

TABLE 4-1 Daily Trip-Miles by Mode: 2001

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Mode Percent Person-miles (millions) SE (millions)
Personal vehicle 88.7 3,508,613 41,046
Air 7.2 283,307 40,573
Transit 1.2 45,838 2,096
School bus 1.1 45,189 2,092
Bicycle/walk 0.8 31,045 709
Other 1.0 41,378 4,611
Total reported 100.0 3,955,371 62,856

KEY: SE = standard error.

NOTES: Excludes trips where mode was not reported. Other includes: charter/tour/intercity bus; taxi, limousine, hotel/airport shuttle bus; intercity train; and other not elsewhere classified. Data are from the daily travel segment of the 2001 National Household Travel Survey. Long-distance travel data (i.e., trips of 50 miles or more collected during a 4-week travel period) are not included here. Data may not add to total and percentages may not add to 100 because of independent rounding.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics and USDOT, Federal Highway Administration, 2001 National Household Travel Survey Data, CD-ROM, February 2004.