TABLE 4-11 - Federal Government Transportation Revenues by Mode: FY 2006

TABLE 4-11 - Federal Government Transportation Revenues by Mode: FY 2006

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Government transportation revenues consist of money collected by governments from transportation user charges and taxes to finance transportation programs. The following types of receipts are excluded: 1) revenues collected from users of the transportation system that are directed to the general fund and used for nontransportation purposes, 2) nontransportation general fund revenues that are used to finance transportation programs and 3) proceeds from borrowing.

  Chained 2000 dollars (billions) Percentage of total
Highway 30.80 75.02
Air 8.75 21.32
Water 1.44 3.52
Pipeline 0.05 0.11
General support 0.02 0.04
Total 41.1 100.0

NOTES: Data may not add to total and percentages may not add to 100 because of independent rounding. To eliminate the effects of inflation over time, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics converted current dollars to chained 2000 dollars. Revenue is attributed to the mode from which it is collected, so money dedicated to transit from the highway trust fund is considered highway revenue.

Local government receipts from motor fuel, motor vehicle, and toll highway charges are not included in 2006.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Government Transportation Financial Statistics 2008, available at