U.S. Department of Transportation

Ray LaHood
Secretary of Transportation

John D. Porcari
Deputy Secretary of Transportation

Research and Innovative Technology Administration

Peter H. Appel

Robert L. Bertini, Ph.D.
Deputy Administrator

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Patricia S. Hu

Steven K. Smith, Ph.D.
Deputy Administrator

Office of Transportation Analysis

Deborah D. Johnson
Assistant Director

Project Manager

Matthew Chambers


William H. Moore

Design and Layout

Alpha Wingfield

Major Contributors

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

National Transportation Library
David Jones
Amanda J. Wilson

Office of Advanced Studies
David Chien, Ph.D.
Demetra Collia, Ph.D.
Jeffery Memmott, Ph.D.
Peg Young, Ph.D.

Office of Airline Information
Steven Anderson
Richard Leonard
Clay Moritz
Anne Suissa

Office of Geospatial Information
Mark Bradford
Steve Lewis

Office of Statistical Quality
Amrut Champaneri, Ph.D.
Bernetta Crutcher
Jenny Guarino
Alan Jeeves

Office of Survey Programs
Joy Sharp
Kenneth Steve

Office of Transportation Analysis
Steven Beningo
Ronald Duych
Chester Ford
Sean Jahanmir
Casey Linsey
Long Nguyen

Data Collection and Analysis—MacroSys

David Chesser, Ph.D.
Sergey Chuklin
Bingsong Fang, Ph.D.
Xiaoli Han, Ph.D.
Suresh Kumar
Getachew Mekonnen
Adam Mengesha
Fahim Mohamed
Hilary Ross
Gang Shao, Ph.D.
Michael Spencer
Lei Tang, Ph.D.

Geospatial / Geographic Information System (GIS)—Koniag Services

Dominic Menegus

Research and Innovative Technology Administration

Office of Governmental, International and Public Affairs
Thomas Bolle
Jane Mellow
David Smallen

Office of Administration
Renita Hamlet

Other Contributors

U.S. Department of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration
Eileen Hohman
Julie Oettinger
Nancy Ouellette
Roger Schaufele

Federal Highway Administration
Nancy Mcguckin
Adella Santos
Michael Sprung
David Winter

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Toni Fargo
William Bannister

Federal Railroad Administration
Kim Coronel
Treavor Gibson
Joel Palley
Jo Strang
Mark Yachmetz

Federal Transit Administration
Robert Tuccillo

Maritime Administration
Russ Byington
James Caponiti
Gail Perkins
Kevin Tokarski
Janice Weaver

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Patricia Ellison-Potter
Chan Lieu
Melanie O'Donnell
Umesh Shankar

Office of the Secretary of Transportation
Yuh Wen Ling

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
Felicia Boyd
Yolanda Braxton
Gordon Delcambre
Steve Fischer
Pirjo Garby
Kin Wong

Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Kevin O'Malley

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U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Transportation Statistics Annual Report 2010 (Washington, DC: 2011)

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