TABLE 1-7 - Roadside Truck Inspections: 2004-2009

TABLE 1-7 - Roadside Truck Inspections: 2004-2009

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A roadside inspection is an examination of individual commercial motor vehicles and drivers to determine if they are in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations or Hazardous Materials Regulations. If a serious violation is detected, the driver is issued an out-of-service order. The violation must then be corrected before the driver or vehicle may return to service.


  Trucks inspected Trucks taken out of service Inspected trucks taken out of service (percent)
2004 2,253 532 23.6
2005 2,970 676 22.8
2006 3,194 735 23.0
2007 3,274 717 21.9
2008 3,340 706 21.1
2009 3,463 660 19.1

NOTES: Trucks are taken out of service (OOS) when inspectors find serious violations that warrant the issuance of a driver or vehicle OOS order, such as hazardous mechanical condition, hazardous materials onboard, or lack of required operating authority. Data include United States, Mexico, and Canada. There may be data inconsistencies across the 2004-2006 time series. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics obtained the data at different times and was unable to verify the consistency of the entire data series prior to publication.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Roadside Inspection Activity Summary by Inspection Type, available at as of September 2010.