TABLE 4-41 - Select Highest and Lowest Average Domestic Fares by Origin Airport: 2000 and 2nd Quarter 2010

TABLE 4-41 - Select Highest and Lowest Average Domestic Fares by Origin Airport: 2000 and 2nd Quarter 2010

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Highest average fares 2000 Average fare
White Plains, NY 568.63
Charlotte, NC 495.69
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC 490.74
Richmond, VA 472.42
Huntsville, AL 463.56
Cincinnati, OH 457.69
New York, NY (J.F. Kennedy) 455.23
Harrisburg, PA 453.51
Charleston, SC 451.90
San Francisco, CA 451.70
Highest average fares 2Q 2010 Average fare
Huntsville, AL 484.68
Charleston, SC 461.47
Newark-Liberty, NJ 449.65
Knoxville TN 441.37
Memphis, TN 437.07
Houston Bush, TX 433.97
Cincinnati, OH 425.67
Washington Dulles, VA 424.05
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 410.08
Fresno, CA 405.30
Lowest average fares 2000 Average fare
Dallas, TX (Love) 182.79
Burbank, CA 185.65
Atlantic City, NJ 214.13
Chicago, IL (Midway) 217.52
Houston, TX (Hobby) 217.61
Islip Long Island, NY 221.42
Reno, NV 221.83
Las Vegas, NV 222.77
Lubbock, TX 227.32
Oakland, CA 236.98
Lowest average fares 2Q 2010 Average fare
Atlantic City, NJ 178.02
Long Beach, CA 241.29
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 249.48
Orlando, FL 251.20
Dallas Love, TX 256.38
Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena, CA 261.28
Milwaukee, WI 263.21
Ft. Myers, FL 263.35
Las Vegas, NV 263.63
Islip, NY 265.19

NOTES: Average fare is for a complete itinerary beginning at the origin airport. Variations in Average fares include the effects of price as well as average distance traveled by all flights from the origin airport. The year 2000 was a peak year in the U.S. airline industry with record passengers carried, high fares and yields, record numbers of scheduled flights, and in most cases, record high profits. 2001 followed with a recession and then the events of 9/11 causing a record drop in virtually every airline measuring statistic. Since 2001 most airline statistics and analyses have compared current years with the year 2000, with the question being asked, "Are we back to the pre-9/11 levels?" or, "How long has it taken the industry to return to the year 2000 levels?" The year 2000 has become a base year for U.S. airline industry data.

Origin airports were selected from the top 100 U.S. domestic (48-states) airports ranked by the total number of domestic passengers in 2009 since 2010 domestic passenger data were not available at the time of publication. Due to the long distances involved and the unique nature of the Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico markets, these airports have been dropped for average fare comparison purposes.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Office of Airline Information, TranStats Database, Domestic Air Fares Database, special tabulation, October 2010.