Table 5-5 Distribution of Transportation Fatalities: 2011


Category Number of fatalities Percent of all transportation fatalities
Total, all modesa 34,388 100.00
Passenger car occupants 11,981 34.84
Light-truck occupants 9,272 26.96
Motorcyclists 4,612 13.41
Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles 4,432 12.89
Recreational boating 758 2.20
Pedalcyclists struck by motor vehicles 677 1.97
Large-truck occupants 635 1.85
Other and unknown motor vehicle occupants 506 1.47
General aviation 444 1.29
Railroad trespassersb (excluding highway-rail grade crossings) 412 1.20
Other nonoccupants, involving motor vehiclesc 198 0.58
Heavy rail transit 96 0.28
Highway-rail grade crossings, not involving motor vehiclesd 94 0.27
Bus occupants (school, intercity, and transit) 54 0.16
Air taxi 41 0.12
Light rail transit 36 0.10
Waterborne transportation (nonvessel-related) 34 0.10
Private highway-rail grade crossings, involving motor vehicles 29 0.08
Waterborne transportation (vessel-related) 28 0.08
Railroad-related, not otherwise specified (excluding highway-rail grade crossings) 17 0.05
Railroad employees, contractors, and volunteers on duty (excluding highway-rail grade crossings) 16 0.05
Gas distribution pipelines 13 0.04
Passengers on railroad trains (excluding highway-rail grade crossings) 2 0.01
Hazardous liquid pipelines 1 0.00
Air carriers 0 0.00
Commuter air 0 0.00
Gas transmission pipelines 0 0.00
Automated guideway 0 0.00
Other counts, redundant with above    
Large-truck occupants and nonoccupantse 3,757  
Public highway-rail grade crossing fatalities involving motor vehiclesf 148  
Commuter railg 57  

aIncludes occupant and nonoccupant fatalities, unless otherwise specified.

bIncludes fatalities outside trains.

cIncludes nonoccupant fatalities, except pedalcyclists and pedestrians.

dFatalities at public highway-rail grade crossings involving motor vehicles are included under motor vehicle categories.

eFatalities resulting from crashes involving at least one large truck.

fPublic highway-rail grade crossing fatalities are included in motor vehicle categories.

gCommuter rail fatalities are included in rail categories.

NOTES: Highway, railroad, transit, and waterborne data are preliminary.

SOURCES: Air—National Transportation Safety Board. Highway—National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Railroad—Federal Railroad Administration. Transit—Federal Transit Administration and personal communication. Waterborne—U.S. Coast Guard. Recreational boating—U.S. Coast Guard, Office of Boating Safety. Pipeline—Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration as cited in U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, National Transportation Statistics, table 2-4, available at as of April 2013.