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Accounting and Reporting Directives

Accounting and Reporting Directives

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) Office of Airline Information issues periodic Accounting and Reporting Directives (A&RD) and industry letters that serve the reporting air carriers by providing clarity to the regulations. A&RD provides more specific instructions and details (e.g. aircraft type codes) about the regulations because the information was too technical or lengthy to be included due to page limitations.

This authority is described in 14 CFR 385 and in Sections 1-7 and 1-2 of 14 CFR Part 241. If you have any comments or questions, please E-mail BTS or 800-853-1351.

All Air Carriers

Air Carriers Operating Within Alaska

Technical Directives - On-Time Reporting

*Technical Directives 1-13 are no longer in effect. Detailed reporting instructions are listed in Technical Directive 14. Carriers have been granted waivers from the reporting instructions for gate departures in Technical Directive 15.