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Materials Purchased

Materials Purchased

Line 16 - Aircraft Fuel and Oil

Aircraft fuels
Aircraft oils
Fuel taxes (non-refundable)

Line 17 - Maintenance Materials

Materials - airframes
Materials - aircraft engines
Materials - other flight equipment
Materials - flight equipment(Group I carriers)
Materials - ground property and equipment
Shop and Servicing Supplies:
Automotive supplies
Chemicals and solvents
Cleaning compounds and supplies
Composition materials
Electrical supplies
Fuels and lubricants
Glass and glass products
Hardware items
Lumber and wood products
Paints, lacquers and thinners
Plumbing supplies
Rubber and plastic goods
Sheet metal
Small tools
Special clothing and devices
Textiles and leather goods
Tube, bar and strip materials
Inventory adjustments for:
Flight equipment expendable parts (Acct 1310)
Miscellaneous materials and supplies (Acct 1330)

Line 18 - Passenger Food

Beverage purchases
Commissary supplies
Communications expense
Food purchases
Food service uniforms
Outside catering charges

Line 19 - Other Materials

Light, heat, power and water
Stationery, printing and office supplies:
Blue prints
Chemicals and solvents
Cleaning compounds and supplies
Drafting and engineering supplies
Flight crew supplies
Labels and small signs
Manuals and publications (company)
Printing and duplicating supplies
Shipping and mailing supplies
Standard forms - company
Standard forms - government
Stationery and paper products
Textiles and leather goods
Tickets and ticket stock
Other supplies:
Cleaning compounds

Line 20 - Total Materials

Sum of lines 16 + 17 + 18 + 19