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Related Fringe Benefits

Related Fringe Benefits

Line 10 - Personnel Expense

Auto fuel and parking expense
Auto mileage allowances
Auto rentals
Communications expense
Employee memberships, dues and registrations
Employee service pins
Employee uniforms and insignia
Flight crew meals
Hotel and lodging
Laundry and valet expense
Meals and entertainment
Meeting room rentals
Moving, storage and relocation expense
Passport expenses
Transportation expense

Line 11 - Employee Benefits and Pensions

Direct annuity payments
Educational programs
Group accident and health insurance - company contributions
Group life insurance - company contributions
Medical programs
Recreational programs
Provisions for self-insurance
Retirement plan - company contributions
Workmans compensation insurance
401 K plan - company contributions

Line 12 - Payroll Taxes

Federal unemployment insurance
Other payroll
State unemployment insurance

Line 13 - Total Fringe Benefits

Sum of lines 10 + 11 + 12

Line 14 - Total Salaries and Related Fringe Benefits

Sum of lines 8 + 13