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Confidentiality and Data Access Committee

Confidentiality and Data Access Committee

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By the early 1990s the FCSM decided to address once again the issues relating to data confidentiality and issued Statistical Working Paper #22. This was an update of SW #2 but went further. This report includes a tutorial, guidelines for preserving data confidentiality, recommendations on best practices of the principal federal statistical agencies, and an annotated bibliography. The report also recommended that a group be formed that would continue working in this area.

This report was written for employees of the federal government and their contractors. It has much broader use today as a tutorial and information resource.

The report contained several recommendations for tables and micro data. One recommendation including sharing software and methodology across the government, recommended several disclosure rules for protecting different types of data. Recommendation 11 recommended auditing of tabular data as a necessity to ensure the values in suppressed cells cannot be derived. Recommends specific research for each issue within the field of disclosure limitation methodology. For example, which methodology is appropriate for frequency data or magnitude data

The annotated bibliography is also useful resources because there is 2-3 sentence summary of what the article or publication is about so a user can quickly scan the literature on the subject of data confidentiality.