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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The 2002 Mariner Survey is a follow-up to the first survey of merchant mariners conducted during 2001. The major focus of the 2002 survey effort was to update and expand information on key readiness and training issues. Of those who completed a survey, findings show that the majority of mariners:

  • are working in the industry,
  • are sailing or attempting to sail on ocean-going vessels, and
  • are planning to serve at sea in the future and have or intend to obtain a Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) 95 certificate.

In response to questions about volunteering for a National Defense emergency, the majority of mariners report that they:

  • would volunteer for a National Defense mission,
  • would be willing to serve for three months or longer, and
  • would be willing to serve three or more tours and could report in nine days or less.

An indepth analysis of mariners willingness to serve in a National Defense emergency based on their qualifications and recency of sailing is presented in a report entitled Mariner Availability During a Total Prolonged Surge (TPS).