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Findings Specific To Unlicensed Mariners

Findings Specific To Unlicensed Mariners

Current Mariner Rating Status

About 75% of Unlicensed Mariners reported their current rating. Of the 21 ratings listed in the survey, 9 ratings accounted for 86% of the mariners who reported ratings (see Table 18). Detailed information on the other 12 ratings are available on request, but the number of mariners selecting these individual ratings is too small to provide reliable information for the population as a whole.

The most frequently selected ratings were Wiper (55%), Ordinary Seaman (53%), Food Handler (40%), Steward (26%), and Able Seaman, unlimited rating(24%). They accounted for over 70% of the mariners reporting a rating.

Among all Unlicensed Mariners who responded to the survey, 13% did not provide information on their plans to upgrade their current rating, and an additional 14% reported that they did not hold a rating. Of the remaining Unlicensed Mariners, 20% reported that they did not plan to upgrade, and an additional 16% were not sure (see Table 19). Less than half of Unlicensed Mariners report that they are either at the top of their rating or that they will upgrade at some point in the future.

Unlicensed Mariners and Sailing Experience

Unlicensed mariners are much more likely to report recent sailing experience (sailed in the last four years) than are UL Mariners (see Table 13, Table 16, and Table 20). The majority of Unlicensed Mariners with ratings of Able Seaman-unlimited (88%), Able Seaman-limited (85%), QMED-Oiler (68%), and Cook (65%) have sailed under those ratings in the last four years. In addition, almost half of Stewards (46%) and Ordinary Seaman (45%) have sailed under those ratings in the last four years.

The Office of Survey Programs, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, produced this report. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Maritime Administration's Office of Public Affairs at (202) 366-5807.