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Table 18. Ratings for Unlicensed Mariners

Table 18. Ratings for Unlicensed Mariners

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Rating Unlicensed Mariners
Wiper 55%
Ordinary Seaman 53%
Food Handler 40%
Steward 26%
Able Seaman-unlimited 24%
Cook 12%
Qualified Member of the Engineering Department (QMED)-Oiler 11%
Able Seaman-limited 7%
QMED-Fireman/Water Tender 6%

Remaining 12 ratings account for less than 4% of mariners reporting ratings.

NOTE: Percentages sum to greater than 100% because respondents were allowed to mark all licenses that they held whether active, inactive, or expired.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics and Maritime Administration, 2002 Mariner Survey, Principal Findings, Washington, DC.