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I: Interstate (FHWA19)

I Say Again: The message will be repeated. (FAA4)

I&I: Impact and Implementation (FAA20)

I&M: Inspection and Maintenance (FHWA19)

I-2-I: Initiative to Improve (FHWA16)

I/AFSS: International AFSS (FAA20)

I/M: Inspection and Maintenance (FHWA18)

I/O: In-Port Operations (USCG5)

IA: Indirect Access (FAA20)

IA: Information Assurance (FAA20)

IACET: International Association of Continuing Education & Training (FHWA18)

IACP: International Association of Chiefs of Police (FHWA18)

IACS: International Association of Classification Societies (SLSDC2)

IAD: Washington Dulles International Airport (FAA11)

IADB: Inter-American Development Bank (FHWA18)

IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency (RSPA1)

IAF: Initial Approach Fix (FAA20)

IAG: Interagency Agreement (FHWA19)

IAH: Houston Intercontinental Airport (FAA11)

IANA: Intermodal Association of North America (FHWA18)

IAP: Instrument Approach Procedures (FAA20)

IAPA: Instrument Approach Procedures Automation (FAA20)

IAR: Investment Analysis Report (FAA20)

IAS: Indicated Airspeed (14CFR1)

IAS: Investment Analysis Staff (FAA20)

IASA: International Aviation Safety Assessment (BTS10)

IAT: Investment Analysis Team (FAA20)

IAT: Internal Air Transport (MTMC1)

IATA: International Air Transport Association (FAA20)

IBC: Intermediate Bulk Container (49CFR171) (RSPA1)

IBM: International Business Machines (FAA20)

IBP: International Boundary Point (FAA20)

IBR: Intermediate Bit Rate (FAA20)

IBT: International Brotherhood of Teamsters (FHWA18)

IBTTA: International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (FHWA20)

IC: Implementation Center (FAA20)

ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization (BTS10)

ICBM: Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (AIA1)

ICC: Interstate Commerce Commission (BTS11)

ICC: Intercounty Connector (FHWA18)

ICC: Intelligent Cruise Control (NHTSA7)

ICD : International Classification of Diseases (NHTSA7)

ICE: Internal Combustion Engine (TRB1)

Ice Action On Bridge Piers: The force required to break ice, transmitted to bridge piers and other structures in the river. Such a force could damage the structures. (TNDOT1)

Ice Clause: A standard clause in the chartering of ocean vessels. It dictates the course a vessel master may take if the ship is prevented from entering the loading or discharging port because of ice, or if the vessel is threatened by ice while in the port. The clause establishes right and obligations of both vessel owner and charterer if these events occur. (USTTA1)

Ice Gorge: A conglomeration of ice solidly packed from bank to bank which is obstructing the flow of the river and marine traffic. (TNDOT1)

Ice Pier: A heavily constructed cluster of piling or concrete behind which towboats moor or shelter from running ice. (TNDOT1)

Ice Shelf: Seaward extension of an ice sheet, floating but attached to the land on at least one side and bounded on the seaward side by a steep cliff rising 2 to 50 m or more above sea level. (DOI3)

Iceberg: A large mass of detached land ice in the sea or stranded in shallow water. (DOI4)

ICHCA: International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (USTTA1)

iCMM: integrated Capability Maturity Model (FAA20)

ICMP: Interagency Committee on Metric Policy (FHWA19)

ICMS: Integrated Control and Monitor System (FAA20)

ICMTO: Independent Carrier Military Traffic Office (MTMC1)

ICPC: The Colombian Institute of Cement Producers (FHWA20)

ICR: Information Collection Request (DOT2)

ICSS: Integrated Communications Switching System (FAA20)

ICT: Wichita Mid - Continent Airport (FAA11)

ID: Identification (FAA20)

IDAT: Interfacility Data (FAA20)

IDEA: Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis (FHWA19)

IDEAS: Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis Program (FHWA15)

Ident: A request for a pilot to activate the aircraft transponder identification feature. This will help the controller to confirm an aircraft identity or to identify an aircraft. (FAA4)

Ident Feature: The special feature in the Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS) equipment. It is used to immediately distinguish one displayed beacon target from other beacon targets. (FAA4)

Identification: The official legends "For Official Use Only" and "US Government," and other legends showing either the full name of the department, establishment, corporation, or agency by which it is used, if such title readily identifies the department, establishment, corporation, or agency concerned. (GSA2)

Identification Lamps: Lamps used to identify certain types of commercial motor vehicles. (49CFR393)

IDL: Interfacility Data Link (FAA8)

Idle Thrust: The jet thrust obtained with the engine power control level set at the stop for the least thrust position at which it can be placed. (14CFR1)

IDOT: Illinois Department of Transportation (FRA5)

IDP: Individual Development Plan (FAA20)

IDP: Independent Development Plan (NHTSA7)

IDS: Intrusion Detection System (FAA20)

IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (FHWA19)

IESNA: Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (FHWA18)

IF: Intermediate Fix (FAA20)

If No Transmission Received For (Time): Used by Air Traffic Control (ATC) in radar approaches to prefix procedures which should be followed by the pilot in event of lost communications. (FAA4)

IFB: Invitation For Bid (FAA20)

IFCN: Inter-Facility Flow Control Network (FAA17)

IFCP: Interfacility Communications Processor (FAA20)

IFDS: Interfacility Data System (FAA20)

IFEA: In-Flight Emergency Assistance (FAA20)

IFME: International Federation of Municipal Engineers (FHWA20)

IFMS: Interagency Fleet Management System (GSA1)

IFO: International Field Office (FAA20)

IFP: Instrument Flight Procedures (FAA20)

IFPA: Instrument Flight Procedures Automation Program (FAA20)

IFR: Instrument Flight Rules (FAA20)

IFR: Interim Final Rule (RSPA1)

IFS: Inflight Survey (USTTA1)

IFSS: International Flight Service Station (FAA2) (FAA19) (FAA14) (FAA13)

IFTA: International Fuel Tax Agreement (FHWA19)

IG: Inspector General (DOT1)

IGIA: Interagency Group on International Aviation (FAA20)

IGOR: Interactive Guidance On Routes (FHWA15)

IHS: Interstate Highway System (BTS10)

IHSD: Interactive Highway Safety Design (FHWA19)

IHSDM: Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (FHWA18)

IIA: Independent Inspection Agency (RSPA1)

IID: Ignition Interlock Device (NHTSA7)

IIE: Integrated Information Environment (FAA20)


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