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Yard: A system of auxiliary tracks used exclusively for the classification of passenger or freight cars according to commodity or destination; assembling of cars for train movement; storage of cars; or repair of equipment. (49CFR223)

Yard Caboose: A caboose that is used exclusively in a single yard area. (49CFR223)

Yard Crew: One or more railroad employees assigned a controlling locomotive, under the charge and control of one crew member; called to perform service covered by Section 2 of the Hours of Service Act; involved with the train or yard movement of railroad rolling equipment they are to work with as an operating crew; reporting and working together as a unit that remains in close contact if more than one employee; and subject to the railroad operating rules and program of operational tests and inspections required in 49 CFR 217.9 and 217.11. (49CFR218)

Yard Locomotive: A locomotive that is operated only to perform switching functions within a single yard area. (49CFR223)

Yard Mule: Small tractor used to move semitrailers around the terminal yard. (ATA1)

Yard Switching Train Mile: Computed at the rate of 6 mph for the time actually engaged in yard switching service if actual mileage is not known. (FRA2)

Yard Switching Trains: Those trains operated primarily within yards for the purpose of switching other equipment. Examples include the making up or breaking up of trains, service industrial tracks within yard limits, storing or classifying cars, and other similar operations. Switching performed by a road crew that is incidental to the road operation is not included. (FRA2)

Yard Track: A system of tracks within defined limits used for the making up or breaking up of trains, for the storing of cars, and for other related purposes, over which movements not authorized by timetable, or by train order may be made subject to prescribed signals, rules or other special instructions. Sidings used exclusively as passing track and main line track within yard limits are not included in the term yard track. (49CFR245) (FRA2)

Yard Tractor: A truck tractor used exclusively to move trailers around a motor or trailer yard. It is not used for over the road travel. (BOC3)

Yardbird: A driver who connects and disconnects tractor and semitrailer combinations and moves vehicles around the terminal yard. (ATA1)

Yawl: A small oar-propelled open boat or skiff carried aboard a towboat for use as a utility boat. (TNDOT1)

Yawl Play: The use of a yawl to row lines or personnel between boat and bank. (TNDOT1)

Year of Construction: The year the structure was originally completed or the year any part of the structure was first occupied. For mobile homes year of construction is the model year. (DOE5)

Year of Construction of Vessel: Year of original construction of the hull. (TNDOT1)

YLD: Years Lost to Disability (NHTSA7)

YPLL: Years of Potential Life Lost (NHTSA7)

YRBS: Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance (NHTSA7)

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