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ZAB: Albuquerque ARTCC (FAA20)

ZAC: Zone Access Control (FHWA19)

ZAN: Anchorage ARTCC (FAA20)

ZAU: Chicago ARTCC (FAA20)

ZBW: Boston ARTCC (FAA20)

ZDC: Washington ARTCC (FAA20)

ZDV: Denver ARTCC (FAA20)

Zephyr Haul: A shipment of light weight cargo. (ATA1)

Zero-Emission Vehicle: A clean fuel vehicle meeting even more stringent zero-emission vehicle standards. (DOE6)

ZEV: Zero Emission Vehicle (FHWA19)

ZFW: Fort Worth ARTCC (FAA20)

ZHU: Houston ARTCC (FAA20)

ZID: Indianapolis ARTCC (FAA20)

ZJX: Jacksonville ARTCC (FAA20)

ZKC: Kansas City ARTCC (FAA20)

ZLA: Los Angeles ARTCC (FAA20)

ZLC: Salt Lake City ARTCC (FAA20)

ZMA: Miami ARTCC (FAA20)

ZME: Memphis ARTCC (FAA20)

ZMP: Minneapolis ARTCC (FAA20)

ZNY: New York ARTCC (FAA20)

ZOA: Oakland ARTCC (FAA20)

ZOB: Cleveland ARTCC (FAA20)

Zone: The smallest geographically designated area for analysis of transportation activity. A zone can be from one to ten square miles in area. Average zone size depends on the total size of study area. (FHWA21)

Zone Charge: An extra fee charged for crossing a predetermined boundary. (APTA1)

ZSE: Seattle ARTCC (FAA20)

ZTL: Atlanta ARTCC (FAA20)

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