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Fee Categories

Requesters are placed in a fee category that was established in the FOIA in 1987. These categories are as follows:

Commercial-use requesters are required to pay for all search, review and duplication costs.

News media requesters are required to pay for duplication of records of more than 100 pages.

Representatives of scientific or educational organizations are required to pay duplication costs for records of more than 100 pages

Other requesters are persons who are not commercial, news media, scientific or educational requesters and are required to pay search costs for more than 2 hours and duplication costs for more than 100 pages.

If the processing fees do not exceed the threshold amount of $10.00, then you are not required to pay. If the fees are estimated to be in excess of $25.00 and you have not stated a willingness to pay, then we will notify you prior to processing. Finally, if records are requested in a format other than paper, you are required to pay the direct costs incurred for processing the records.