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Interested in a career that puts you at the center of one of America's greatest resources? Interested in a career that combines personal growth and opportunity with vital national importance? Accelerate your career... with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology (OST-R).

Think about the role America's transportation system plays today, and will continue to play, in improving our quality of life and economic vitality. Our system is the world's best. And we're looking for motivated people with new ideas - people who want to make a difference - to ensure our transportation system continues to lead the world.

OST-R offers a range of dynamic career opportunities. You'll be in position to make things happen, in areas that are important to the safety, security, economic health, and environmental stewardship of the nation. Most
require U.S. citizenship and a college degree, or three years of progressive work experience. OST-R offers job
opportunities in economics, procurement, engineering, operations research, budget, finance, civil rights,
information technology, law, statistics, training, human resources management, public affairs and other areas.