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National Transportation Workforce Development

The nation's transportation workforce is at a critical juncture

The National Transportation Workforce Development Strategy Initiative is a program that will work to recruit the next generation of transportation professionals to meet the demands of the rapidly changing 21st century transportation system.

Vision for the Future

A highly skilled, innovative transportation workforce that:

  • Anticipates trends in science, technology, and policy
  • Strives for excellence
  • Supports the nation to compete in the global economy
  • Promotes innovation in training and education
  • Represents a convergence of needs and talent (demand and supply)
  • Is sustainable, comprehensive, and continuing
  • Shows the results of national efforts to attract and retain top quality human resources to transportation
  • Is well-equipped in using changing technology and has proper knowledge and skills in various job categories
  • Is recognized as a top choice among students

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A series of three photographs: three young professionals looking at charts on a computer; airplane flying in the sky; driver and family posing inside truck cab.