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Per the Secretary of Transportation August 1, 2007 Memorandum, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research & Technology (OST-R), serves as the lead Administration representing the Department on PNT matters, OST-R will do the following:

  • Coordinate the development of departmental positions on PNT and spectrum policy and protection from harmful radio frequency interference and operational degradation in conjunction with the Under Secretary for Policy and the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy.
  • Represent the civil Departments and Agencies in the development, acquisition, management, and operations of the Global Positioning System.
  • Coordinate, in conjunction with OST Budget and Policy, civil PNT funding across the Department and among the civil Departments and Agencies.
  • Support the Deputy Secretary with National PNT Executive Committee matters, as well as represent DOT along with the other modal representatives at the PNT Executive Committee meetings.
  • Provide civil PNT systems analysis and coordination, including requirements development and architectural development.
  • Oversee and manage the work of the DOT civil liaisons at the GPS Wing and Air Force Space Command.
  • Represent DOT in Federal radionavigation planning and requirements development activities.
  • Chair the DOT Positioning and Navigation Working Group and act as executive secretariat for the Under Secretary who chairs the DOT Executive Committee.
  • Chair the Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System Executive Steering Council.
  • Chair the Civil Global Positioning System Service Interface Committee.
  • Coordinate, in conjunction with the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy and the Assistant Secretary for Budget and Programs, all PNT budget activities within each operating administration.
  • Provide regular PNT updates to the Under Secretary for Policy and the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy.