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Executive Summary

This plan responds to the presidential memorandum of October 28, 2011, directing federal agencies to improve the results of their technology transfer and commercialization activities.  It presents the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) 5-year plan for accelerating technology transfer (T2) during 2013–2017.  USDOT has three goals for accelerating T2 and commercialization of federal research:

  • increase the number of T2 partnerships with entities from academia, industry, commercial, nonprofit, government, and non-government,
  • increase the number of commercialization activities, and
  • improve the efficiency of USDOT T2 business processes.

The USDOT plan includes the means, strategies and metrics to achieve the stated T2 goals.  The overarching aim of the plan is to encourage formation of T2 partnerships between USDOT and government and non-government entities, including private firms, research organizations, and nonprofit entities.  Implementation of the plan also should improve the efficiency of USDOT’s T2 program, allowing professional staff to increase their focus on marketing and partnership activities.  This approach should increase the number of T2 partnerships.