Table 5. RDT Evaluation Processes

Table 5. RDT Evaluation Processes

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Operating Administration Evaluation Process Recent Evaluations and Recommendations FY 2007 Reviews
FAA (1) Annual review by Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committee (REDAC)

(2) Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) reviews safety-related commercial space transportation R&D
REDAC: November 2006 letter report recommends that FAA:

• Continue and increase funding for wake vortex research

• Fund a program to assess the impact of integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems into the National Airspace System

• Assess the cost of Next Generation Air Transportation System deployments and apply sufficient funds to accelerate technology transfer and implementation

• Enhance collaboration with other agencies in environmental RD&T

• Assess the impact on aircraft safety of budget cuts in NASA aeronautics research

COMSTAC: Provided recommendations in January 2007 on research proposals of interest to the industry

April 2007
September 2007


October 24-25, 2006
May 22-23, 2007
FHWA (1) Periodic review by Transportation Research Board (TRB) Research and Technology Coordinating Committee (RTCC)

(2) Laboratory Assessment Program
RTCC: Met twice in FY 2006 and provided advice on issues including:

• Implementation of the Corporate Master Plan for Research and Technology

• Conduct and management of an advanced research program

• Conduct of the Lab Assessment Program

• Engaging University Transportation Centers in carrying out a national surface transportation research agenda

Lab Assessment: Independent panels assessed research at FHWAs Aerodynamics, Coatings and Corrosion, and Crash Analysis laboratories

November 16-17, 2006
June 13-14, 2007

Lab Assessments:

Spring 2007 Summer 2007 Fall 2007
FMCSA Regular inputs on planning and programs from key stakeholders Stakeholder Forum: January 2006 forum addressed research needs and accomplishments in key areas, including:

• State data quality

• Lane departure warning systems

• Large Truck Crash Causation Study

• Medical programs

• Wireless inspection technologies

• Fatigue management

• Hazardous materials safety
Ongoing reviews by the Motor Carrier Advisory Committee
FRA (1) Annual review by TRB Committee for the Review of the FRA Research, Development, and Demonstration Programs

(2) Other external review mechanisms
Committee Report: May 2005 letter report concludes that FRA:

• Is making progress on completing the Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System network, which the committee feels is vital to the full development and deployment of positive train control and other applications

• Should, to the extent possible, close out remaining high-speed-rail projects so that resources can be deployed elsewhere

• Should continue work on a new five-year strategic R&D plan

• Should address railroad congestion issues, particularly the relationship between rail system capacity and safety
TRB Review Committee:

March 22, 2007
Fall 2007
FTA Transit Research Analysis Committee (TRAC) TRAC Report: March 2006 letter report commends FTA for the completion of its Strategic Research Plan and makes several recommendations, including:

• Move aggressively to brief stakeholders on the Strategic Research Plan

• Review the plan annually in light of current events and accomplishments

• Develop a three-to-fiveyear research program plan linking the Strategic Research Plan with FTAs annual program of research

June 2007
December 2007
NHTSA Broad-based research meetings with automotive manufacturers and suppliers Research Meetings: Meetings with auto manufacturers and suppliers to discuss developments in automotive technologies and deployment strategies that include specific recommendations for:

• New Car Assessment Program

• Lane departure warning systems

• Advanced occupant restraint systems

• Vehicle compatibility
Research Meetings:

General Motors
October 3, 2006
November 30, 2006
December 5-6, 2006
Society of Automotive Engineers:
May 14-16, 2007
PHMSA Periodic outreach events, stakeholder meetings, peer reviews Peer Review of Pipeline Safety R&D: Peer reviews of 31 active research projects in February 2006 resulted in ratings of Effective to Very Effective by the expert panelists.

R&D Workshops: Workshops on pipeline safety R&D yielded the following results:

• Welding and joining workshop on January 25-26, 2006 identified mutual goals for government and industry and several critical gaps in knowledge, standards, and technology

• Workshop held on February 28-March 1, 2006 identified technology to prevent, detect, and characterize mechanical damage to pipelines as well as gaps in associated regulations and industry standards
Pipeline Safety R&D Forum:
February 7-8, 2007
Peer Reviews:
March 27-29, 2007
RITA National Research Council (NRC) Committee on the Review of the DOT Strategic Plan for RD&T NRC Review Committee: June 2006 NRC panel review assessed the draft RD&T Strategic Plan and DOTs research coordination process and submitted a letter report in August 2006 NRC Committee:

Fall 2007