Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

This funding request contributes to the DOT Environmental Stewardship strategic objective and to the following performance outcomes:

Performance Outcome 1: Reduced pollution and other adverse environmental effects of transportation and transportation facilities.

This request would allow RITA to:

  • Coordinate, manage, and conduct the Department’s hydrogen R&D activities.  Engage research in hydrogen fuel technology, including the hydrogen infrastructure analysis study, advanced propulsion and alternative fuels projects, and hydrogen materials compatibility research.

The resources requested to achieve the performance outcomes are:

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FY 2006
FY 2007
Pres. Budget
FY 2008
Performance Goal 1      
RD&T – Hydrogen Fuels Safety R&D 247,000 407,000 426,000
BTS - NA 0 0 0
Total 247,000 407,000 426,000
Total FTE .5 .5 .5
Strategic Objective Total 247,000 407,000 426,000
Strategic Objective Total FTE .5 .5 .5


Hydrogen Economy- To encourage the transition to a hydrogen economy through development, demonstration, and deployment of advanced vehicle transport, and infrastructure technologies.

  • As part of the President’s Hydrogen Fuels Initiative, RITA is charged with coordinating, managing, and executing key components of the Department’s hydrogen R&D activities to ensure fuel cell and hydrogen-fueled vehicles can be developed, demonstrated, and deployed and used as a safe and reliable alternative to petroleum fueled vehicles.  This includes coordination of DOT research resources through the budget process and participation in national and international R&D partnerships. RITA also maintains the DOT and Federal Hydrogen Portal. Work in the area of a Hydrogen Economy is complemented by the work done in Hazardous Materials - Hydrogen Safety (See Safety).


  • Complete hydrogen infrastructure analysis study and continue collaboration on other hydrogen pathways projects under the UC Davis led partnership
  • Complete the first Phase of Hydrogen Materials Compatibility Research with Sandia National Laboratories
  • Identify opportunities for cross cutting and multi-modal research within DOT


Hydrogen Economy

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  Inputs Activities Outputs Outcomes
Hydrogen Economy $426,000 / .5 FTE 1. Support demonstration efforts for hydrogen stations, vehicles and infrastructure.  2. Maintain DOT Hydrogen website. Support UC Davis pathways program and Sandia Laboratory. 1. DOT Hydrogen website. 2. Guidelines for hydrogen delivery and transport systems (pipeline, pressure vessels and fuel storage). Hydrogen infrastructure is deployed by in the market.