RDT Program: Hydrogen fuels safety R and D - Amount Requested for FY 2008: $500,000

RDT Program: Hydrogen fuels safety R and D - Amount Requested for FY 2008: $500,000


To advance milestones adopted in the Department’s Hydrogen Roadmap.


RITA was created by Congress with the primary objective of serving as the Department’s focal point for coordination of crosscutting research and clearing the pathway to technology deployment. To fulfill its role, as part of the Administration’s Hydrogen Fuels Initiative, RITA will continue to coordinate, manage and execute key components of the Department’s hydrogen activities. Many of these activities will be conducted in collaboration with DOT, Federal, State, Academic, and Industry partners.


  • Design and operations guidelines for hydrogen delivery and transport systems including pipeline, pressure vessels, and fuel storage systems.
  • Close near-term gaps identified in the independent DOT safety gap analysis study completed in FY 2006. The gaps relate to technology development and validation of hydrogen transport and storage.
  • Continue participation in domestic and international partnerships, code and standards development organizations to develop safety codes, standards, and regulations and, projects and activities to ensure the safety of hydrogen transportation.
  • Refine a hydrogen safety training program for firefighters and first responders and continue to disseminate the Hydrogen Executive Leadership Panel’s (HELP) train the trainer and general information packages. HELP will continue to expand its national outreach program to promote awareness of hydrogen transportation safety. HELP will also continue to develop recommended practices and provide input into related consensus codes and standards.
  • Conduct research to develop, evaluate, and validate under real world conditions non-destructive testing and other safety and inspection technologies that will facilitate the reliable and safe operation of components of the hydrogen transportation system.
  • Support collaborative demonstration efforts for hydrogen stations, vehicles, and infrastructure with federal, state, local, industry, and academia partners. These demonstrations will focus on evaluating real world real use operational scenarios and validation.
  • Maintain national and DOT hydrogen websites
  • Execute individual projects and participate in collaborative efforts including the UC Davis Hydrogen pathways program that analyze or advance the hydrogen initiative and facilitate an effective transition to the hydrogen economy.