RDT Program: RDT Coordination - Amount Requested for FY 2008: $536,000

RDT Program: RDT Coordination - Amount Requested for FY 2008: $536,000


To coordinate and provide strategic direction for the Department’s research programs through annual program reviews, budget and performance planning, and prioritization, and performance tracking and reporting for the Department’s research programs. Identify areas for cross-modal collaboration, and advances the deployment of innovative technologies.


In direct support of the DOT Organizational Excellence strategic objective, RITA coordinates RD&T through the RD&T Planning Council and Team (per DOT Order 1120.39A) to promote the efficient use of DOT RD&T funds, prevent unnecessary duplication and encourage joint RD&T efforts.


  • Report on RD&T milestone accomplishments, performance, and the results of RITA’s coordination activities against the Five-Year RD&T Strategic Plan.
  • Maintenance of the Web-based data tracking system for research coordination begun in FY 2007, and adding a performance reporting feature.
  • Preparation of recommendations to the Secretary on strategic RD&T priorities.
  • Development of FY 2010 RD&T budget priorities to include in the Department’s FY 2010 budget guidance.
  • Review of FY 2010 RD&T budget requests to ensure alignment with DOT strategic objectives and priorities.
  • Annual RD&T program reviews.
  • RD&T Funding Report to Congress (SAFETEA-LU, sec. 5208).