This funding request contributes to the DOT Safety strategic objective and to the following performance outcomes:

Performance Outcome 1: Reduction in transportation-related deaths.
Performance Outcome 2: Reduction in transportation injuries.

This request would allow RITA to:

  • Broaden and accelerate the hydrogen safe-handling and hydrogen safety education and training initiative undertaken through the National Association of State Fire Marshals.
  • Undertake technical hydrogen safety research.

The resources requested to achieve the performance outcomes are:

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   FY 2006
 FY 2007
Pres. Budget
 FY 2008
Performance Goal 1 and 2      
RD&T – Hydrogen/Hydrogen Safety 327,000 407,000 426,000
BTS - NA 0 0 0
Total 327,000 407,000 426,000
Total FTE .5 .5 .5
Strategic Objective Total 327,000 407,000 426,000
Strategic Objective Total FTE .5 .5 .5


Hazardous Materials - To improve hazardous materials safety and security by facilitating safety research, the development of technologies, sharing of research result and technology transfer.

  • Hydrogen Safety - RITA will conduct research to improve system and operational safety, conduct system assessments and risk analysis to determine system weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, and identify and develop new technologies to improve vehicle, component, transport, and operational safety across all modes. RITA will continue to work closely with the National Association of State Fire Marshals and the Hydrogen Executive Leadership Panel (HELP) to develop and organize cooperative initiatives to determine how best to protect responders in real-world hydrogen-related scenarios and develop training and educational materials to support Federal and state initiatives. RITA will also continue R&D in support of, and safety codes and standards development at the local, state, national, and international level as the Department’s technical representative for hydrogen fuels infrastructure safety R&D committees and organizations.  Work in the area of Hydrogen Safety is complemented by the work done in exploring possibilities for a Hydrogen Economy (See Environmental Stewardship).


  • Complete FY 2007 Hydrogen Executive Leadership Panel deliverables including the first Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Emergency Response training and education program and begin distribution with the National Association of State Fire Marshals
  • Complete hydrogen infrastructure analysis study and continue collaboration on other hydrogen pathways projects under the UC Davis led partnership
  • Complete the first Phase of Hydrogen Materials Compatibility Research with Sandia National Laboratories


Hazardous Materials

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  Inputs Activities Outputs Outcomes
Hydrogen Safety $426,000/.5 FTE 1. Conduct targeted near-term research on gaps. 2. Continue partnering on safety codes and standards. 3. Continue partnering on public safety response training & education. 1. Results of non-destructive testing and inspection technologies research. State regulators, first responders, and the public safety community are educated about the safe handling of hazardous materials.