Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) - FY 2012 Funding: [20,000,000]

Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) - FY 2012 Funding: [20,000,000]

The Transportation Safety Institute in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the Nation's leading provider of transportation safety training. The TSI educates more than 50,000 professionals each year in state-of-the-art safety methods and technologies.

The TSI assists DOT modal administrations in accomplishing their mission-essential training requirements. Since its inception, TSI has expanded its clientele to keep up with the needs of

the Department and transportation industry. The Institute offers premier transit, aviation, motor carrier, traffic safety, hazardous material, and risk management training nationally and internationally.

The TSI supports several key strategies in the Department's Strategic Plan. It sponsors and participates in conferences, seminars, and meetings at which transportation consumers and providers can share advances in safety technology, regulation, and procedures. The TSI uses DOT web sites to communicate information on best safety practices, educational materials, consumer information, and other materials relating to safety. The TSI also improves safety in all modes through outreach, education, collaboration with public and industry safety partners, demonstration programs, consumer information and strategic media usage. Through training transportation industry safety professionals in accident investigation and prevention, TSI accomplishes these strategies and supports the Department's safety objectives. At the same time, TSI provides subject matter expertise to decision makers and the public in transportation safety.

How TSI Operates

  • Direction and budget oversight provided by RITA
  • Funded via reimbursable agreements, tuitions, and fees
  • Associate and contract staff (industry experts) are instrumental in delivery/development of the training.