Investigation of Failures (16.7)

Investigation of Failures (16.7)

Criticality: High
Progress: Not Addressed
Score: 40
DOT Relevance: 192.617

Description of Key Area

Investigation of failures is addressed under Subpart L (Operations) of 49 CFR 192. As per the current 49 CFR 192, procedures must be established for analyzing accidents and failures, including the selection of samples of the failed facility or equipment for laboratory examination, where appropriate, for the purpose of determining the causes of the failure and minimizing the possibility of a recurrence.

Discussion of Criticality

Investigation processes of failures for hydrogen of hydrogen transportation systems need to be established as new materials and construction methods are tested and deployed so that increased understanding of failure modes can be obtained.

Discussion of Progress

SNL, in coordination with NREL, is currently developing benchmark experiments and analysis strategy for risk assessment of hydrogen systems. The application of risk assessment studies is being cooperatively developed with the assistance of industry, government agencies and laboratories, insurance companies, and other stakeholders. ASME B31.12 will also address this area.


Risk assessments are an essential tool for methodically evaluating technologies and their application. It is necessary to establish standards and incorporate them by reference into the federal code. These standards should include specific instructions regarding investigation of failures.