Transmission Lines: Patrolling (17.1)

Transmission Lines: Patrolling (17.1)

Criticality: Medium
Progress: Addressed, Not Adequately
Score: 12
DOT Relevance: 192.705

Description of Key Area

Section 192.705 (Transmission Lines: Patrolling) of Subpart M (Maintenance) of 49 CFR 192 states, Each operator shall have a patrol program to observe surface conditions on and adjacent to the transmission line right-of-way for indications of leaks, construction activity, and other factors affecting safety and operation.

Discussion of Criticality

Transmission line operators must have a patrol program in place. There must be a certain frequency of patrols and in addition a method of patrol must be established. The frequency of patrols may or may not be the same as that for natural gas.

Discussion of Progress

This topic will be addressed by ASME B31.12.


Standards for patrolling (and frequency of patrols) of hydrogen transmission lines must be established and incorporated by reference into the federal code.