Test Requirements for Reinstating Service Lines (17.6)

Test Requirements for Reinstating Service Lines (17.6)

Criticality: Medium
Progress: Addressed, Not Adequately
Score: 12
DOT Relevance: 192.725

Description of Key Area

Section 192.725 (Test Requirements for Reinstating Service Lines) of Subpart M (Maintenance) of 49 CFR 192 states, each disconnected service line must be tested in the same manner as a new service line, before being reinstated.

Discussion of Criticality

Rules regarding testing of disconnected hydrogen service lines and hydrogen service lines temporarily disconnected from the main must be formulated. Also, rules must be made regarding the need to test bypass line installations on hydrogen service lines. There may be additional considerations for higher pressure capable materials and structures that have not yet been identified.

Discussion of Progress

This topic will be addressed by ASME B31.12.


Standards for test requirements for reinstating services must be established and incorporated by reference into the federal code.