Compressor Stations: Reliefs and Combustible Storage (17.8)

Compressor Stations: Reliefs and Combustible Storage (17.8)

Criticality: Medium
Progress: Addressed, Not Adequately
Score: 12
DOT Relevance: 192.731 192.735

Description of Key Area

Section 192.731 (Compressor Stations: Inspection and Testing of Relief Devices) of Subpart M (Maintenance) of 49 CFR 192 states, Except for rupture discs, each pressure relieving device in a compressor station must be inspected and tested in accordance with Section 192.739 and 192.743, and must be operated periodically to determine that it opens at the correct set pressure.

Section 192.735 (Compressor Stations: Storage of Combustible Materials) of Subpart M (Maintenance) of 49 CFR 192 states, Flammable or combustible materials in quantities beyond those required for everyday use, or other than those normally used in compressor buildings, must be stored a safe distance from the compressor building.

Discussion of Criticality

Plans and procedures must be established to promptly repair or replace defective equipment. It must be determined how often to test relief devices. Finally, it must be determined if there are any special requirements for storage of combustible materials at compressor stations.

Discussion of Progress

Compressor station design will be covered in ASME B31.12.


Standards must be established relating to hydrogen compressor stations. These standards must be incorporated by reference into the federal code.