Vault Maintenance (17.12)

Vault Maintenance (17.12)

Criticality: Medium
Progress: Addressed, Not Adequately
Score: 12
DOT Relevance: 192.749

Description of Key Area

Section 192.749 (Vault Maintenance) of Subpart M (Maintenance) of 49 CFR 192 states the frequency at which vaults must be inspected, and steps to follow if gas is found in the vault.

Discussion of Criticality

For hydrogen pipeline purposes, regulations as to the frequency of vault inspections must be determined. Regulations must also be put in place for the inspection of ventilating equipment and vault covers. Any areas of confined space must be addressed with regard to operator safety and maintenance. Atmospheric testing may also be appropriate.

Discussion of Progress

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Confirm whether or not this topic will be addressed by ASME B31.12. Standards must be established relating to vault maintenance on hydrogen pressure regulating and pressure limiting equipment. These standards must be incorporated by reference into the federal code.