Pipeline Integrity Management (17.15)

Pipeline Integrity Management (17.15)

Criticality: High
Progress: Not Addressed
Score: 40
DOT Relevance: 192.901 192.951

Description of Key Area

Pipeline integrity management falls under Subpart O (Pipeline Integrity Management) of 49 CFR 192. As per 192.901, this subpart prescribes minimum requirements for an integrity management program on any gas transmission pipeline covered under this part.

Discussion of Criticality

Integrity management of any pipeline system is of fundamental importance for safe and efficient pipeline operation.

Discussion of Progress

ASME B31.8S will be incorporated by reference into ASME B31.12. There will be exceptions taken to sections and alternate language will be provided to make these sections specific to hydrogen. Equations for impact areas will be restated for hydrogen by using DOT report TT013 from June 2005.


Standards for system integrity management of hydrogen pipelines must be incorporated by reference into the federal code. It is expected that new standards will follow the stated procedures within 192.901 192.951.