Valves: High Pressure (33)

Valves: High Pressure (33)

Criticality: High
Progress: Addressed, Not Adequately
Score: 20
DOT Relevance:

Description of Key Area

High pressure hydrogen cylinders will require the use of high pressure valves. Because of problems dealing with high pressures in tubing and fittings, some of these valves may incorporate regulators.

Discussion of Criticality

Valves are generally required for portable and transportable applications, as the cylinders valves should be closed during transportation. High pressures induce high loads on threads and on internal valve and regulator components. Reliability of valves, regulators, and their components is critical to safety.

Discussion of Progress

High pressure hydrogen valves, particularly with integrated regulators, have limited availability and limited field experience.


Field service with these new, high pressure hydrogen valves, with integrated regulators, needs to be monitored for reliability and safety. Industry and DOT will need to determine if new or revised standards or regulations will be required.