DOT's University Transportation Centers Program

DOT's University Transportation Centers Program

The UTC program invests in university-based centers of excellence to advance innovation, research, education, and technology transfer. The program is managed by RITA and funded by the FHWA and FTA. Each of the 26 current UTCs has a specific transportation theme that advances at least one of DOT's strategic objectives. The UTCs, their themes, and the primary DOT objectives they support are as follows:

City College of New York — Planning and Management of Regional Transportation Systems (Mobility)

George Mason University — Deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (Safety, Mobility)

Iowa State University — Sustainable Transportation Asset Management (Mobility, Environmental Stewardship)

Marshall University — Transportation and Economic Development in Mountain Regions (Mobility, Environmental Stewardship)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology— Strategic Management of Transportation Systems (Mobility)

Montana State University , Bozeman — Rural Travel and Transportation (Mobility)

North Dakota State University — Rural and Intermodal Transportation (Mobility)

Northwestern University— Infrastructure Technology (Mobility)

Pennsylvania State University — Advanced Technologies in Transportation Operations and Management (Safety, Mobility, Global Connectivity)

Rutgers University — Advanced Transportation Infrastructure: Maintenance and Operation of High-Volume Systems (Safety, Mobility)

San Jose State University — Policy Guidance of Transportation Management Systems (Mobility)

South Carolina State University — Professional Capacity Building in Transportation (Safety, Mobility)

Texas A&M University — Transportation Solutions to Enhance Prosperity and the Quality of Life (Mobility, Environmental Stewardship)

University of Alabama — Management and Safety of Transportation Systems (Safety)

University of Arkansas — Rural Transportation (Mobility)

University of California — Transportation Systems Analysis and Policy (Mobility, Environmental Stewardship)

University of Central Florida — Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation (Safety, Mobility, Security)

University of Idaho — Advanced Transportation Technology (Mobility, Environmental Stewardship)

University of Minnesota — Human-Centered Transportation Technology (Safety, Mobility)

University of Missouri , Rolla— Advanced Materials and Non-Destructive Testing Technologies (Mobility)

University of Rhode Island — Surface Intermodal Transportation Systems and Advanced Transportation Infrastructure with Special Reference to the Marine Environment (Mobility, Global Connectivity)

University of Southern California and California State University , Long Beach — Metropolitan Transportation (Mobility, Global Connectivity)

University of South Florida — Transit and Alternative Forms of Urban Transportation (Mobility)

University of Tennessee — Transportation Safety (Safety)

University of Washington — Transportation Operations and Planning (Mobility)

University of Wisconsin , Madison — Optimization of Transportation Investment and Operations (Mobility)