Security RDT: Critical Infrastructure Protection

Security RDT: Critical Infrastructure Protection

DOT conducts security RD&T in collaboration with the DHS and in support of the President's Homeland Security Directive:

Hazardous Materials : The PHMSA and FRA work with the DHS to enhance the security of toxic materials carried by rail. The FRA and DHS also investigate the real-time tracking of railroad cars. The FMCSA has three hazmat efforts: (1) a Hazardous Materials Field Operational Test; (2) an Untethered Trailer Tracking System Pilot Test; and (3) an Expanded Satellite-Based Mobile Communications Tracking System Test.

Highway Operations : FHWA Operations RD&T works to improve traffic management in response to terrorist attacks, hurricanes, floods, or other disasters.

Infrastructure : To reduce the vulnerability of bridge and tunnel assets, the FHWA investigates methods of improving structural integrity and applications of surveillance and monitoring technologies. In addition, the FRA is developing a video-based monitoring system to detect trespassers on railroad rights-of-way and railroad bridges.

Aviation : The FAA's Orderly Quarantine project seeks to protect safety-critical National Airspace System networks against cyber attacks.

Public Transit : FTA security RD&T focuses on early warning and response for the detection of chemical, biological, and radiological agents.