Stakeholder Input to the RITA Report

Stakeholder Input to the RITA Report

As required by the Mineta Act, this Report to Congress was developed with input from a wide range of stakeholders—including Federal, state, and local agencies; not-for-profit institutions; and the private sector.

On January 10, DOT held a Listening Session at the TRB annual meeting to solicit comments on the DOT reorganization and the roles of RITA. At the session, Chief of Staff John Flaherty and Deputy RSPA Director Samuel Bonasso presented their visions for RITA and asked for feedback. TRB Executive Director Robert Skinner opened the discussion by suggesting seven criteria by which to judge the new agency's success or failure: stakeholder involvement, balance between long- and short term research, internal coordination and leadership, coordination with stakeholders and other agencies, R&D quality, scale of R&D efforts, and private sector participation.

In addition to the TRB session, the Department published a notice in the January 26th Federal Register and established an email address for responses. The notice asked for stakeholder input on the following questions:

Identification of Priorities

  • How does DOT establish transportation research priorities in an environment of limited resources?
  • How does DOT balance research on long-term, high-risk, and high-impact advances versus research with immediate transportation safety and mobility returns?

Research Duplication

  • How does DOT identify and avoid unnecessary duplication in transportation-related technology research?
  • How does DOT share information and learn about opportunities to benefit from others' research?

The Role of Stakeholders

  • What ongoing communications methods or processes might be established with stakeholders outside of DOT to receive their advice and recommendations?
  • What information resources can RITA utilize or create to leverage private sector advances into DOT missions and goals?

RITA has incorporated responses to these questions in the strategies and processes presented in this report. RITA will continue to work closely with stakeholders as it implements and refines these RD&T strategies and crossmodal planning efforts.