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Reduced Congestion

Reduced Congestion

This funding request contributes to the DOT Reduced Congestion strategic objective and to the following performance outcomes:

Performance Outcome 5: Reduced impediments to the efficient movement of freight over the transportation network, especially at key freight gateways.

This request would allow RITA to:

  • Develop geospatial information and technology applications as well as spatial and remote sensing technology applications intended that can improve the performance of the nation’s transportation system.
  • Perform system engineering activities in support of development of a Nationwide Differential Global Positioning, System (NDGPS).

The resources requested to achieve the performance outcomes are:

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  FY 2006
FY 2007
Pres. Budget
FY 2008
Performance Goal 5      
RD&T - NDGPS 0 0 5,348,000
Total FTE     1.0
BTS - Geospatial 1,606,000 1,758,000 1,758,000
Total FTE 7.4 7.4 7.4
Strategic Objective Total 1,606,000 1,758,000 7,106,000
Strategic Objective Total FTE 7.4 7.4 8.4


Spatial Information & Related Technologies – To explore the potential impacts of spatial and related technologies on the nation’s ability to manage traffic flows.

  • Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System (NDGPS) – In FY 2007 NDGPS will complete single-site coverage within the Continental United States (CONUS) with the addition of six sites, resulting in a total of 41 operational NDGPS sites.  Additional significant accomplishments include converting two GWEN (USAF Ground Wave Emergency Network) sites to NDGPS beacons and completing and commissioning five new priority sites.
  • Geospatial Information - In FY 2007, BTS will work with other modal administrations to distribute transportation data through the National Transportation Atlas Databases (NTAD). BTS has built a sophisticated mapping capability for the DOT Crisis Management Center (CMC) and will continue its support, providing mapping and spatial analyses during emergency transportation situations. BTS will also continue to play a role in developing the transportation component of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). 

Agency Output Measure:  Ensure that the annual release of National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD) CD is available prior to the start of the annual ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) International User Conference on GIS and mapping software (to provide timely support for research, analysis, and decision-making across all modes of transportation). Goal:  1 or more weeks in advance of the target date

Agency Outcome Measure:  Reduce response time for map requests by the DOTCrisis Management Center (CMC) and in support of the Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans (improve emergency response by providing current and timely information). Goal:  0.25 hour per annum reduction the first year and 0.5 hour reduction each year thereafter --long term:  4 hour turnaround by 2010

Agency Output Measure:  Increase the number of National Atlas Transportation Database (NTAD) CD-ROMs distributed (to broaden the customer base for this product). Goal:  15.0% growth per annum


  • Release airline on-time performance data monthly, providing the arrival and departure performance of airlines, airports, and specific flights.
  • Undertake IT requirements analysis to redesign the airline data processing IT systems to meet new data requirements.
  • Provide monthly data on causes of flight delays characterized in five categories.
  • Produce the National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD) for 2007.
  • Develop a “Production” data server and a “Developmental” server that can accommodate Web-filing and foster the development of other airline data collection and data-edit improvements.
  • Initiate a revised memorandum of Understanding among federal departments and agencies impacted by NDGPS.
  • Produce an assessment of user needs for the land-based differential global positioning system.


Spatial Information & Related Technologies

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  Inputs Activities Outputs Outcomes
Geospatial Information $1,758,000 / 7.4 FTE 1. Provide geospatial analytic support and products. 2. Support DOT on emergency activities. 3. Represent DOT on geospatial committees. 1. Annual release of NTAD. A common foundation for transportation information analysis and exchange.
Nationwide Differential Global Positioning, System $5,348,000 / 1 FTE 1.  Participate in interagency partnership to determine priorities. 2. Perform operations & maintenance of current NDGPS sites. 1. Site upgrades based on basic life-cycle maintenance schedule. Accurate positioning and location information is available for routing and control.