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Strategic Goal 5 Instill Organizational Health and Excellence

Strategic Goal 5 Instill Organizational Health and Excellence

Align, manage, and develop resources to ensure effective and efficient operation of the organization.


Unprecedented commitment to continuous improvement in organizational performance resulting in a highly trained, motivated, and innovative workforce; enhanced control measures; and improved decisionmaking processes.


  • Build Talent by Strengthening, Developing and Investing in Human Capital: Empower employees in a positive, supportive organizational environment that is conducive to achieving excellence and organizational health in an environment where all employees participate, learn,

  • Ensure Sound Financial, Budget, and Performance Integration:  Ensure budget and financial management processes support and balance organizational needs and fiscal responsibility. Provide relevant and reliable financial information that links resources and results to program

  • Heighten Awareness of RITA through Improved Communication:  Develop an effective and efficient communications capability accurately tailored to meet the needs of the organization

  • Improve Internal Processes to Efficiently Utilize Resources:  Practice good stewardship of resources by institutionalizing effective business processes to streamline and clarify repetitive internal activities. Identify and prioritize common activities, address areas of need, and solve process-related challenges throughout the organization. Increase productivity by eliminating

  • Establish RITA as a Leader in Digital Government: The world is undergoing a third major wave of industrial revolution brought about by rapid progress in information technologies and globalization. Business processes and relationships are being fundamentally transformed. The Federal Government has undertaken a major review of the way we do things and how the public sector can harness information technologies. The vision of RITA is to be a leader in digital Government—better serving its needs and those within the transportation industry.