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Statement on Agency Values

Statement on Agency Values

RITA adopts the following organizational values, aligned with its vision and in step with the values set forth in the Department's Strategic Plan:

  • Integrity

    RITA is committed to ensuring the integrity of its agency. RITA sets high standards for itself in the conduct of its work. RITA takes a professional, objective, fact-based, fair, and balanced approach to all of its activities. Integrity is the foundation of reputation, and RITA’s approach to its day-to-day work on behalf of the American people will assure both. When RITA’s workforce commits, it delivers.

  • Respect

    RITA is committed to respecting individual differences, recognizing individual and team contributions and respecting the need to balance work and personal lives.

  • Customer and Stakeholder Focus

    RITA is dedicated to delivering budget results that matter to the American people, on time, and within budget. RITA strives to understand and meet the requirements and needs of our stakeholders and customers through our unwavering commitment to public service, innovation, creativity, and sustained excellence.

  • Bold, New Ideas

    RITA staff are committed to introducing bold, new ideas into the transportation enterprise in order to advance America’s national transportation agenda.

  • Professionalism and Excellence

    As dedicated and accountable public servants, RITA staff exemplify the highest standards of excellence, integrity, courtesy, and respect. RITA encourages and supports employees in advancing their skills and knowledge in technical and managerial areas.

    Innovative and Collaborative Work Environment

  • RITA staff supports each other, respects diversity in people and ideas, encourages innovation within the organization, and values our relationships with our stakeholders and colleagues in the Department. RITA supports a progressive work environment that is conducive to innovation by employing flexible work schedules, teleworking, effective internal communication mechanisms, simplicity in procedures, and recognition for innovative approaches to accomplishing mission activities.