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Message from the U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Message from the U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Mary E. Peters - U.S. Secretary of Transportation
Mary E. Peters
U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Transportation lies at the core of the freedom we enjoy as Americans — freedom to go where we want, when we want — freedom to live and work where we choose, and freedom to spend time with our families.

Transportation Vision for 2030 represents our transportation system the way it can be — if, and only if, we all work together. Since our Nations founding, transportation has transformed our country. If we want to keep our economy strong and maintain our high quality of life, we must keep our transportation system vital and viable. First and foremost, we must make travel safer. Second, we must boost the entire networks performance by improving predictability and reliability. And, finally, we must find 21st-century solutions to 21st-century mobility challenges.

Today, our vital transportation infrastructure is showing signs of aging. We are experiencing unprecedented congestion on our Nations highways and railways and at our airports and seaports. It is robbing our Nation of productivity and our citizens of one of their most valuable resources — time.

U.S. DOT is committed to working with our public and private sector partners to address these issues and to provide our Nation with a transportation system that is unparalleled in its safety, security, efficiency, and effectiveness.

I look forward to working with you to deliver a transportation system that frees all of us to make daily decisions, confident that people and goods will reach their destinations safely without worrying about how they will get there or if they can make it on time.