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Performance Indicators Template

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Instructions: The use of this form is mandatory for reporting UTC performance indicators. Report the program-wide indicator metrics for the completed grant year. Include the metrics for each consortium member. Add as many columns as necessary to include all consortium members. In the event that a consortium member participates in more than one UTC, include only the metrics corresponding with your grant and reporting period. Email completed report to your grant administrator within 30 days of the end of the grant year.

University Transportation Centers Program Performance Indicators

UTC Name:
Grant #:
Reporting Period:

Performance Indicators

Consortium  Consortium Member 1 Consortium Member 2 Consortium Member 3 Consortium Member 4 Consortium Member 5 Consortium Member 6
  Total Acronym Acronym Acronym Acronym Acronym Acronym
1. Number of transportation-related courses offered during the reporting period that were taught by faculty and/or teaching assistants who are associated with the UTC              
Undergraduate courses              
Graduate courses              
2. Number of students participating in transportation research projects funded by this grant              
Undergraduate students              
Graduate students              
3. Number of transportation-related advanced degree programs that utilize grant funds to support graduate students              
Masters level programs              
Doctoral level programs              
4.  Number of students supported by this grant              
Undergraduate  students              
Masters students              
Doctoral students              
5.  Number of students supported by this grant who received degrees               
Undergraduate  degrees              
Masters degrees              
Doctoral degrees              
6.  Number and total dollar value of research projects selected for funding using UTC grant funds (Federal and/or Recipient Share) that you consider to be applied research and advanced research              
Number of applied research projects              
Dollar value of applied research projects              
Number of advanced research projects              
Dollar value of advanced research projects