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Specific Statutory Requirements (49 U.S.C. 5505)

  • Non-Federal Match

    1. Amount and Sources
      The funds awarded under this Grant as stated in the UTC Grant Agreement and any Modifications as authorized by 49 U.S.C. 5505 are subject to a non-Federal match.  A National or Regional UTC is required to provide non-Federal matching funds at 100% of the amount of Federal funds awarded; a Tier 1 UTC (unless approved for a waiver as part of the selection process for this Grant and as stated in the Grant Agreement) are required to provide non-Federal matching funds at 50% of the amount of Federal funds awarded.   

      The non-Federal share of UTC costs may include funds provided to a recipient under sections 504(b) or 505 of Title 23, United States Code.  Those sections refer, respectively, to the local technical assistance ( and state planning and research ( programs managed by the Federal Highway Administration.

      As established in Federal grant regulations issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), matching funds may be cash or in-kind and must, among other stated OMB requirements, be used to accomplish program objectives and the purpose of this grant, and be fully documented and fully accounted for in the Grantee's records as required in 49 CFR 19.51.

    2. Timing
      RITA does not require UTCs to obtain matching funds on a project-by-project basis.  However, RITA does expect to see evidence, in the Center's financial status reports and requests for reimbursement of expenses, of reasonable progress over time toward meeting the non-Federal match requirement.  Because the possible sources of match that UTCs may obtain are so numerous and the ways in which that match may be documented are so varied, no specific level of match funding is required to be documented during the grant other than at the grant's termination when the full requirement must be met; however, situations that would be considered lack of evidence of reasonable progress toward meeting the match requirement may include reporting no match on the first few invoices (as this suggests the possibility of the match requirement being misunderstood), not increasing the amount of match reported on two or more consecutive financial reports, and toward the end of the grant not narrowing any gap between the Federal funds spent and matching funds reported.  In the absence of such evidence, RITA may choose to require the Grantee to demonstrate its ability to match the funds already awarded before paying any additional invoices or awarding any additional funds that may be made available under the Grant.

    3. Restriction on Use
      Any restriction on the use of Federal funds applies equally to non-Federal matching funds.

  • Program Coordination
    Under 49 U.S.C. 5505, RITA is responsible for coordinating UTC Program activities and for reviewing and evaluating the UTCs on an annual basis.  The Grantee shall provide the information required by RITA in its Grant Deliverables and Requirements for University Transportation Centers and such other information as RITA may occasionally request in order to fulfill this responsibility.