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Table 6 - Tier II University Transportation Centers, Themes & Partners, FY 2006 – FY 2009

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California State University – San Bernardino UTC Name: Leonard University Transportation Center
Theme: Decision-Making and Management of Transportation Systems
Cleveland State University UTC Name: Cleveland State University Transportation Center
Theme: Highway Workzone Safety and Efficiency
George Mason University UTC Name: Center for Transportation and Economic Development
Theme: The Interrelationship between Surface Transportation Systems and Economic Development
Hampton University UTC Name: Eastern Seaboard Intermodal Transportation Applications Center
Theme: To Enhance Regional Intermodal Transportation Systems by Improving Safety and Efficiency while Minimizing Environmental Impacts
Kansas State University UTC Name: Kansas State University’s Center for Transportation Research
Theme: Sustainability and Safety of Rural Transportation Systems and Infrastructure
Louisiana State University UTC Name: TBD
Theme: Transportation Mobility and Infrastructure Management (proposed)
Michigan Technological University UTC Name: Michigan Technological University Transportation Center
Theme: Materials in Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure
North Carolina State University UTC Name: Center for Transportation and the Environment
Theme: Transportation and the Environment
Northwestern University UTC Name: Center for Commercialization of Innovative Transportation Technology
Theme: Foster Commercialization and Implementation of Innovative Transportation Technologies
University of Akron UTC Name: University of Akron Transportation Center
Theme: Transportation Mobility and Infrastructure Management
University of Arkansas UTC Name: Mack Blackwell National Rural Transportation Center
Theme: To Improve the Quality of Rural Life in America through Transportation
University of California – Davis UTC Name: University of California Transportation Center/ Institute of Transportation Studies
Theme: Sustainable Transportation –An Approach to Transportation that Meets the Needs of all Segments of Society while Minimizing Environmental, Societal, and Economic Costs
University of Connecticut UTC Name: Center for Smart Transportation
Theme: Transportation for Smart Growth
University of Delaware in Newark UTC Name: Delaware Center for Transportation
Theme: Resiliency of Transportation Corridors
University of Detroit – Mercy UTC Name: Michigan-Ohio University Transportation Center
Theme: Alternate Energy and System Mobility to Stimulate Economic Development
Partners: Grand Valley State University, Wayne State University, University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University
University of Massachusetts - Amherst UTC Name: University of Massachusetts Transportation Center
Theme: Improving Transportation Mobility and Safety with Innovative Technologies and Strategies
University of Memphis UTC Name: Center for Advanced Intermodal Technologies
Theme: Intermodal Freight Transportation
University of Nevada, Las Vegas UTC Name: Transportation Research Center
Theme: Development of Transportation Systems for Rapidly Growing Urban Areas
University of Rhode Island UTC Name: University of Rhode Island Transportation Center
Theme: Connectivity through Sustainable Transportation Systems
University of Toledo UTC Name: Intermodal Transportation Institute
Theme: Transportation for Economic Security and Development: Alternate Energy, Infrastructure Utilization, and Supply Chains
Utah State University UTC Name: Utah State University Transportation Center
Theme: Innovative Engineering Against Hazards
Youngstown State University UTC Name: Center for Transportation and Materials Engineering
Theme: Transportation: Mobility, Longevity, and Sustainability