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UTC Technology Transfer

Technology transfer ensures that research results become ideas,technologies, or processes that contribute to the improvement of transportation. Technology transfer activities include publication of research papers, presentations at conferences, training, field testing,and deployment. Six examples of UTC technology transfer activities are described below.

University: North Carolina State University
Activity: CTE National Broadcast Series
Description: The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) produces several broadcasts per year, available via the web (RealPlayer or Windows Media Player) and C-Band satellite. The broadcasts feature expert panels who discuss emerging policy issues, research innovations, and best practices in transportation and the environment.

University: Northwestern University along with University of Kentucky, University of Illinois, Purdue University, University of Cincinnati, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Activity: Midwest Bridge Working Group
Description: The Midwest Bridge Maintenance and Inspection Working Group promotes technical information interchange between state highway agencies and university researchers on issues related to bridge inspection and maintenance.

University: University of Wisconsin
Activity: Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition
Description: The Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education collaborates with the 10-state Mississippi Valley Region to coordinate a regional freight pooled fund.

University: University of South Florida Journal of Public Transportation. If you are a user with disability and cannot view this image, call 800-853-1351.
Activity: Journal of Public Transportation
Description: The Journal of Public Transportation is a quarterly international journal containing original research and case studies associated with various forms of public transportation and related transportation and policy issues. Topics are approached from a variety of academic disciplines, including economics, engineering, planning, and others; and include policy, methodological, technological, and financial aspects. Emphasis is placed on the identification of innovative solutions to transportation problems.

University: Marshall University
Activity: Patent and licensing of light emitting ceramic device
Description: Richard Begley, Ph.D., associate director of the Nick J. Rahall Appalachian Transportation Institute and Michael Norton, Ph.D., Chemistry Professor coinvented a light emitting ceramic device (LECD) that has applications in transportation, consumer products, and advertising. LECD provides improved durability, visibility and smaller power requirements than traditional lighting. The invention is now being manufactured by Ecer Technologies, LLC of Lewisburg, WV, and marketed by Firefly Lighting Innovations, LLC. This invention significantly reduces light pollution, has no glare or halo effect in adverse weather, conserves energy, and is overall environmentally friendly.

UTC-LTAP-TTAP Connections

The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) and Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) are composed of a network of centers - one in every state, Puerto Rico and regional centers serving tribal governments. The LTAP/TTAP centers enable local counties, parishes, townships, cities and towns to improve their roads and bridges by supplying them with a variety of training programs, an information clearinghouse, new and existing technology updates, personalized technical assistance and newsletters. In 25 states the LTAP and TTAP centers are co-located at the same universities as the UTCs. This proximity provides an opportunity for enhanced interaction and synergies. One of the three eligible sources of federal funding match for the UTC grant comes from LTAP/TTAP centers.

The following universities have both UTCs and LTAP/TTAP centers.

University of Alaska
Jackson State University
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
University of Missouri-Rolla
University of California, Berkeley
Montana State University-Bozeman
University of Connecticut
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
University of Delaware
Rutgers University
University of Idaho
North Carolina State University
Purdue University
North Dakota State University
Iowa State University
Oklahoma State University
Louisiana State University
University of Rhode Island
University of Maryland-College Park
Texas A&M University
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Utah State University
Michigan Technological University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Minnesota