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2000 Outstanding Students of the Year

2000 Outstanding Students of the Year
The 10th Annual Outstanding Student of the Year Awards ceremony took place in January during the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 80th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. For the past nine years, DOT has honored the most outstanding student from each UTC at a special ceremony held during TRB Week. Each student received a certificate presented by the Deputy Secretary and $1,000 from his/her UTC. Traditionally, all awardees have been affiliated with the UTC program administered by the Research and Special Programs Administration, with funding from the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration. This year, in the spirit of "ONE DOT", the Department for the third time also honored an awardee from the Federal Aviation Administration's Air.

Student awardees from U.S. DOT's University Transportation Centers (UTC) program at the 10th Annual Outstanding Student of the Year Awards ceremony, January 8, 2001. With the students is Deputy Secretary Mortimer Downey.

  • Daniel Ryan Abedon, University of Rhode Island
  • Shirley E. Clark, University of Alabama
  • Eulois Cleckley, North Carolina A&T State University
  • Aleek Datta, Rutgers University
  • Robert Doe, Assumption College
  • Kimberly R. Doyle, Colorado State University
  • Jennifer Farver, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Frances Griffith, University of Arkansas
  • Candace Renee Johnson, Morgan State University
  • Willie Brad Jones, Mississippi State University
  • Geoffrey Judd, University of Idaho
  • Thomas J. Kimpel, Portland State University
  • Jack Klodzinski, University of Central Florida
  • David Kosnik, Northwestern University
  • Kenrick C. Layne, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Kimberley Dawn Lewis, Marshall University
  • Randy Lynn Mayo, University of Missouri-Rolla
  • Sarah Moses, Purdue University
  • Thomas O'Brien, University of Southern California
  • Alyssa Reynolds, Montana State University
  • Stewart Robertson, University of Kentucky
  • Michael K. Sergi, University of Minnesota
  • Jerry K. Shadewald, Iowa State University
  • Karen Smilowitz, University of California, Berkeley
  • Jay J. Smink, San Jose State University
  • Sean M. Smith, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (FAA Center of Excellence)
  • Odd J. Stalebrink, George Mason University
  • Kathleen Swindler, Northwestern University
  • Brenda Joyce Thompson, University of South Florida
  • Ellen Thorson, City University of New York
  • Darren J. Torbic, Pennsylvania State University
  • Curtis Wilson, Jr., Texas Southern University
  • Kimberly R. Yandora, North Carolina State University