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Appendix 1: UTC Performance Inidcators

The UTC program includes a diversity of universities grouped into five categories, as shown in chart 2. Each university is required to implement a three-part program consisting of research, education and technology transfer with the same performance indicators for all universities.

Each UTC reports annually on its performance using the performance indicators described below.

Research Selection

1. Number of transportation research projects selected for funding using UTC grant funding (Federal and/or match) and Number of funded projects that are: basic research, advanced research, and applied research

2. Total budgeted costs for the projects reported in 1 above.

Research Performance

3. Number of reports issued that resulted from transportation research projects funded by the UTC grant.

4. Number of transportation research papers presented at academic/professional meetings that resulted from projects funded by the UTC grant.


5. Cumulative number of transportation-related courses that have been added since the beginning of the grant to the number of courses reported in Baseline Measure 5 in the UTC Strategic Plan.

Undergraduate:______________ Graduate:______________

6. Number of students participating in transportation research projects.

Undergraduate:_______________ Graduate:______________

Human Resources

7. Cumulative number of transportation-related advanced degree programs that have been added since the beginning of the grant to the number of degree programs reported in Baseline Measure 7 in the UTC Strategic Plan.

Master's level:_______________ Doctoral level:_______________

8. Number of students enrolled in transportation-related advanced degree programs (the baseline programs and any added since the beginning of the grant.

Master's level:_______________ Doctoral level:_______________

9. Number of students who received degrees through the baseline and any added transportation-related advanced degree programs.

Master's level:_______________ Doctoral level:_______________

Technology Transfer

10. Number of transportation seminars, symposia, distance learning classes, etc. conducted by your UTC for transportation professionals.

11. Number of transportation professionals participating in those events.

As of September 30, 2007, 26 UTCs had approved strategic plans and virtually none had been in operation for a full year. Accordingly, RITA does not yet have detailed results to report. By the end of FY 2008, most Centers will have completed a full year of operation under these grants and will have submitted a report on their performance measures. Consequently,RITA expects to report on these performance measures by December 2008.