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Tier I: University Transportation Centers

SAFETEA-LU Section 5402 (c)(1)(B) authorized funding for 10 competitively-selected Tier I university transportation centers. Federal funding for the Tier I UTCs is authorized for FY 2007 through 2009 at $1 million each year. These amounts must be matched 100% with non-Federal funds. The legislation designated ten centers that were in operation under TEA-21 for FY 2005 and FY 2006. The law also required the Department to hold a competition to determine the Tier I Centers for FY 2007 - FY 2009.

The criteria for selection for the 2006 competition were:

  • The capability of the university to provide leadership in making national and regional contributions to the solution of immediate and long-range problems
  • The institution's commitment of at least $400,000 each year in regularly budgeted funds to support ongoing transportation research and education programs
  • Demonstrated ability to disseminate results of transportation research and education program through a statewide or regionwide continuing education program
  • The strategic plan that the university proposes to carry out under the grant
  • Evidence of a well-established, nationally recognized program in transportation research and education-
    • of not less than $1 million in highway or public transportation research expenditures each year for each of the preceding 5 years
    • of not less than 5 graduate degrees awarded in professional fields closely related to highways and public transportation each year for each of the preceding years
    • and not less than 3 tenured or tenured-track faculty members who specialize on a full-time basis in professional fields closely related to highways and public transportation who, as a group, have published 20 refereed journal publications during the preceding 5 years.

The competition was held in the summer of 2006 and the final designation of the Tier I Centers was announced on September 29, 2006.

The Tier I UTCs and corresponding strategic themes for 2007-2009 are listed in table 5.